Nutrition Counseling

Want to eat right, but not sure where to start? Make an appointment for nutrition counseling with your local health department!

An individual receives nutrition education

Pictured above: An individual receives nutrition counseling
Photo provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Find your local dietician at your health department below. For more information on nutrition services provided through the state at your local health deparment, click here. To find a registered dietician anywhere in the country, click here!

Shelby and Henry Counties:

Contact North Central District Health Department -  502-633-1243

Bullitt County:

Contact the Bullitt County Health Department at their website or at 502-543-2415 or 502-955-7837.

Trimble County:

Contact the Trimble County Health Department -  502-255-7701.

Oldham County:

Contact the Oldham County Health Department -  502-222-3516.

Spencer County:

Contact the Spencer County Health Department -  502-477-8146.

Barren County:

Contact the Barren County Health Department -  270-651-8321.

Hart County:

Contact the Hart County Health Department -  270-524-2511.

Metcalfe County:

Contact the Metcalfe County Health Department -  270-432-3214.