What is arthritis

There are over 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions.  People of all ages, genders & races can have arthritis.  It is the leading cause of disability in America.  Symptoms may come and go and include joint swelling, stiffness, pain and decreased range of motion.  To find out more about arthritis click here.   For resources and support click here.





Adults with arthritis 1,052,000 1,073,000 1,087,000
Adults limited by arthritis 528,000 528,000 562,000
% with arthritis 32 32 32
% women/men with arthritis 36/28 35/29 36/28
% whites/blacks/Hispanics with arthritis 32/28/19 33/26/* 33/24/*
% 18-44 years with arthritis 14 14 13
% 45-64 years with arthritis 42 41 43
% 65 years and older with arthritis 60 57 56
% with arthritis who are inactive 42 41 42
% arthritis among adults with diabetes 59 62 56
% arthritis among adults with hypertension 49 51 49
% arthritis among adults who are obese 40 44 44

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